Writing Courses

Imogen teaches creative writing workshops and courses geared to enhance and improve our historical fiction writing. She has taught for Arvon Residential, The Literary Consultancy, and The National Centre for Writing among others, and has delivered in-person workshops for Oxford University, Sheffield University, and the University of East Anglia's Sainsbury Centre.

She's been running her online 8-week Writing the Past course since the pandemic and loves meeting students and getting to hear about their projects. The next round of Writing the Past begins in April 2024 and can be booked via Eventbrite.


Here's what previous students have said about Writing the Past:

"Imogen is a brilliantly knowledgeable, kind and supportive teacher - her insights into the craft were invaluable and her feedback on our writing was incredibly astute. The course works well as an introduction to historical fiction writing, but would also be beneficial for those who are already far through their writing projects. I looked forward to each session and have come away with a notebook full of ideas which I know I will use in future short stories and novels." 

"This was a great course; it gave me a new perspective on approaching historical writing and opened up avenues to explore at a time when I was at a standstill with my work."

"Writing the Past is one of those transformative courses that amounts to much more than the sum of its parts. Imogen is a master of her subject matter and she creates a safe environment in which to workshop each other’s writing. The written exercises are fun and purposeful; there was never any compulsion to share if it took us outside our comfort zones. Imogen is a vibrant, humorous presence throughout and she guides discussions with an intelligent thoughtfulness. I really enjoyed hearing more about her writing processes and her experience of securing an agent. Imogen wears her success lightly, she is never boastful and her expertise shines through at every turn. I certainly have been inspired and will miss our Monday evenings together. A huge thank you to Imogen and our lovely group."

"Imogen's Writing the Past course was an invaluable asset to my current work in progress. Insightful, imaginative and knowledgeable about all areas of historic fiction writing, from research to pacing and dialogue, Imogen was a fantastic tutor. The course is ideal for anyone with an interest in resurrecting characters from the past!"