Lady Eleanor Talbot

A Medieval Mystery

I discovered lady Eleanor Talbot (c.1436-68) while working on Eleanor, an augmented reality walk around Medieval Norwich commissioned by UEA and Arts Council England, in collaboration with Norfolk Museums Service and Mutiny. Eleanor, daughter of the first Earl of Shrewsbury, niece of Warwick 'the Kingmaker' and alleged secret bride of Edward IV, took me entirely by surprise, but as I spent a year researching her mysterious life and troubling death - and the pivotal role she may have played in the Wars of the Roses and beyond - I became convinced that she deserved more attention than she'd received hitherto.

I'm now writing a novel about Eleanor Talbot and her times. It's not yet ready for public consumption but you can learn all about my quest for Eleanor by taking our augmented reality walk. If you're local to Norwich, you can walk the route in person using only your phone (no app needed, although headphones are advisable), but it is also available remotely to do from wherever you choose. Enjoy!